Wet carpet can invite mold to grow if not thoroughly dried. How to dry the carpet also can not be arbitrary. There is a special trick for drying wet carpets so that your carpets stay durable and don’t smell musty. Check out the following reviews of how to dry wet carpets so you can apply them to your carpet. Continue?

• Dry under the roof.
Wet carpets should not be dried in direct sunlight. How to dry the carpet under the roof to avoid stiffness in the carpet that you are drying. Drying outside can also cause dust to stick back on your carpet. Don’t let it happen or your carpet washing activities will be in vain. Especially if there are strong winds and the dust will stick even stronger.

• Dry the carpet immediately.
If the weather is favorable, then a hot day can make your carpet dry quickly. Drying could take days and the growth of mushrooms would occur more quickly if the day was rainy. There is a way to dry the carpet when it rains out there. Namely by placing a dry cloth that has a high absorption capacity on the carpet that you are drying. If it has been absorbed squeeze. Do this many times until your carpet is half dry. There are other ways like using a cloth to dry the carpet and make it dry faster. That is by using the air conditioner or fan to dry the carpet immediately.

• Take advantage of baking soda.
Dry carpet, you should not immediately enter it into the house. Because there are parts of the carpet inside that have not dried completely, so we need the right way to dry the carpet to deal with this moisture. Baking soda is the most effective way to absorb moisture from your carpet. So the carpet will be dry completely. Baking soda can also remove carpet odor because after washing.

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