The Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro are popular infant monitoring devices. compares the characteristics and functions of these two models to help parents decide. Both devices monitor and improve babies’ sleep, although they have different features.

The Nanit Plus, a pioneer in smart baby monitoring, offers high-quality video and audio monitoring. Its standout feature is the sleep tracking and analysis, which provides parents with detailed insights into their baby’s sleep patterns. This model also allows for two-way audio communication, enabling parents to soothe their baby with their voice. Additionally, the temperature and humidity sensors ensure the baby’s environment is always optimal.

Nanit Pro enhances everything from Nanit Plus. A clear 1080p HD camera improves video quality. This lets parents see their infant better day and night. The Pro model has better sensors for sleep and environmental monitoring.

Nanit Pro’s upgraded user interface and app experience are highly commended. The app offers more detailed information and tailored sleep coaching, helping parents improve their baby’s sleep. The Nanit Pro also secures data transmission and storage with increased security capabilities.

Installation and setup are easy with both models, however the Nanit Pro is faster. Its streamlined appearance and enhanced mounting technique make it easy to integrate into any nursery.

Nanit Pro is the more expensive option. Parents who value the latest technology and the most extensive sleep statistics can justify the price difference. However, the Nanit Plus is a great choice for individuals who seek high-quality monitoring and insights without the latest capabilities.

Both the Nanit Plus and Pro offer great features. The choice depends on personal interests and priorities. Nanit Pro is best for parents who want extensive sleep statistics and high-quality videos. For smart baby monitor buyers who appreciate quality and affordability, the Nanit Plus remains a popular choice.